Setting the standard in Pet Care for more than a decade, Metro Pets is a testament to timeless excellence. Our teams’ dedication and experience in animal care cannot be matched.



Allie & Gary

Since 2007 Allie and Gary have been providing a reliable service that dogs and their owners can count on. With over decades of experience between them and the proud Mom and Dad of two puggles, they understand the expectations of all pup parents. They pride themselves in having an incredible team comprised of educated and compassionate animal lovers. They’ve dedicated their lives to ensuring every dog is safe and happy on every walk. 




Dawn grew up in the South; her first dog was a miniature Schnauzer she named Klaus von Yipper. Later on she raised a dachshund, aptly named Oscar, and a Border Collie named Panda, also very apropos. Dawn is a theatre and dance graduate of The University of Alabama, and has been living in New York for 8 years. When it comes to dogs, Dawn has never met a pooch she didn’t like or desperately want to meet. She discovered her true passion for animal care in New York and is committed to making it her life’s work!



Queens native Julie has been working with wild animals for over five years. As a zookeeper, her days were surrounded by many different species, all with varying personalities. Despite the many animals that she has worked with, canines continue to hold a special place in her heart. At home, Julie cares for a high-energy collie mix named Moose. Moose will do anything for a game of catch so there is always a tennis ball within reach at their house!




Katherine is both a dog and cat lover who was born and raised in Brooklyn. She can't picture herself living and raising her future family anywhere else. Katherine is the proud mom of a pup named Brooklyn, two cats, Jujubee and Binky…and an old turtle named Franklin (of course!) Katherine wants her dogs happy and safe, and loves their owners who want the best care for them. She likes to play Pokemon Go and make dog and cat toys in her free time.



Jazmin is a Queens native and future veterinarian. She fell in love with animals at a young age and has been very active in advocating for animal rights. Her passion for all animals, especially dogs drives her to make this world a safer place for all her four-legged friends.


Hannah Clare

Before making NYC her home, Hannah Clare hailed from Chicago. She loves animals of all kinds, and has raised everything from turtles, rabbits and hamsters to cats and dogs. She has a particular passion for the many rescue pets she has cared for over her lifetime. When she is not playing with animals, Hannah Clare is pursuing musical theatre and enjoys all of the arts that NYC has to offer.


Dora has lived in the big apple since she was 4 years old. Ever since she was a young girl she has had a passion for animals and helping people. She has always been an animal activist and feels strongly about animal welfare. Prior to working with animals, she was a first responder and EMT. She is the mom to 3 rescues: Apollo, Jupiter and Athena! In her spare time she enjoys painting and spending time with her pups.


Rae, a very Angeleno Californian, grew up in Los Angeles with a Great Dane rescue called King. King is what fueled her love for animals and her passion for animal and environmental welfare. She is the mom to a lovely black Labrador named Zappa. When she's not playing, caring for and loving Zappa she is making candles and writing with the aspiration of eventually becoming a published author.