Setting the standard in Pet Care for more than a decade, Metro Pets is a testament to timeless excellence. Our teams’ dedication and experience in animal care cannot be matched.


Allie & Gary

Since 2007 Allie and Gary have been providing a reliable service that dogs and their owners can count on. With over decades of experience between them and the proud Mom and Dad of two puggles, they understand the expectations of all pup parents. They pride themselves in having an incredible team comprised of educated and compassionate animal lovers. They’ve dedicated their lives to ensuring every dog is safe and happy on every walk. 



Dawn grew up in the South; her first dog was a miniature Schnauzer she named Klaus von Yipper. Later on she raised a dachshund, aptly named Oscar, and a Border Collie named Panda, also very apropos. Dawn is a theatre and dance graduate of The University of Alabama, and has been living in New York for 8 years. When it comes to dogs, Dawn has never met a pooch she didn’t like or desperately want to meet. She discovered her true passion for animal care in New York and is committed to making it her life’s work!


Queens native Julie has been working with wild animals for over five years. As a zookeeper, her days were surrounded by many different species, all with varying personalities. Despite the many animals that she has worked with, canines continue to hold a special place in her heart. At home, Julie cares for a high-energy collie mix named Moose. Moose will do anything for a game of catch so there is always a tennis ball within reach at their house!



Maria is from Brazil where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. She absolutely loves dogs of all breeds and sizes. She recently rescued a puppy named Sophie and helped her find a loving home. Maria loves that dogs are a constant source of surprises and rewards. When she isn't walking pups, she is practicing yoga and pilates.


Neda is a former newspaper reporter, who has called New York home for the past decade. Originally from California, she and her husband made their way across the country - with a stop for four years in Colorado - before they made a home in Manhattan with two kids, a cat and dog. Neda appreciates the emotional bond her family and others have with pets. Her dog, Riley, a beagle mix rescue puppy immediately became a family member and is precious to her kids. She hopes to help care for other furry family members citywide.


Keenan is from Ohio, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in English literature and mathematics. He loves his dog of 10 years, Daisy, and loves nothing more than playing her favorite game with her: keep away. Keenan enjoys teaching himself new skills, trying to find the best pizza in Manhattan, and watching the dogs play in Madison Square Park!


Katherine is both a dog and cat lover who was born and raised in Brooklyn. She can't picture herself living and raising her future family anywhere else. Katherine is the proud mom of a pup named Brooklyn, two cats, Jujubee and Binky…and an old turtle named Franklin (of course!) Katherine wants her dogs happy and safe, and loves their owners who want the best care for them. She likes to play Pokemon Go and make dog and cat toys in her free time.


Natalie's passion for pups started at a young age where she was actively involved in agility courses with her German Shepherd mix, Cruiser and Pug, Georgia. She has worked for Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital and is currently a dog trainer apprentice for Andrea Arden! Natalie is also an actor and singer. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner Matt.


Nicole is from Southern California where she received her BFA in Film and Television Production from USC. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology at Hunter College and absolutely loves dogs. She volunteered at a German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles and her best friend growing up was a Chihuahua Terrier named Kippy. Fun fact: She once chipped her tooth running face first into a chair while playing tag with her pup.


Lauren is an aspiring actress from Connecticut with a strong love for pups! She is a proud owner of a Golden Doodle, Jovi (named after Bon Jovi of course). When Lauren isn’t spoiling her doodle, she loves to go on adventures with her friends and their respective fluffy companions! One of her favorite hobbies is boating on the lake back home with Stella featured above. Lauren is a UCONN graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communication and is looking forward to exploring the concrete jungle alongside all kinds of pooch personalities! 


Carolina is the proud mom of an 11-year-old Yorkie/Chihuahua mix and a 1-year-old tabby cat! They mean the absolute world to her. They are 90% of her camera roll and a guarantee into any conversation! Having pets of her own, she understands the care and patience that must be given. She prides herself on reciprocating the love she has for her pets, onto the ones she cares for with Metro Pets. 


Scott grew up in Colorado; his family had three dachshunds! He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in theatre and has been living in Brooklyn with his girlfriend for close to 10 years. Scott loves walking dogs and getting to know their unique personalities.


Jazmin is a Queens native and future veterinarian. She fell in love with animals at a young age and has been very active in advocating for animal rights. Her passion for all animals, especially dogs drives her to make this world a safer place for all her four-legged friends.


Teresa’s love for animals started when she was a little girl inspiring her to become a veterinary technician. She earned a BA in Veterinary Technology and a Masters in Animal Science. Teresa is also a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and a pet first aid and CPR instructor. She truly enjoys and loves working in the field of pet care and looks forward to meeting you and your cute furry friends!


Vlad has spent his entire life loving and caring for dogs. The latest addition to his family is a rescue named Leo. Vlad and his longtime girlfriend spend their spare time taking Leo to the dog park. Aside from his infatuation with all creatures furry and four-legged, Vlad is also a Strength & Conditioning coach and personally competes in the sport of powerlifting.


Will is originally from West Palm Beach, FL. Being a Puggle owner himself, he loves being around dogs who are full of life and constant energy. He enjoys walking dogs because "They're mother nature’s therapy and dogs always bring a smile to people’s faces!"


Elisa is a NYC based actor and proud Bronx native. She has been caring for pups throughout the city for over five years and in doing so was inspired to adopt a fur baby of her own named Julie. Her passion for animal care motivates her to create a positive, joyful, and loving bond with pups and their families. When she isn't on stage, she enjoys nap-time cuddles with pups, taking them on long walks, and seeking out adventure in this wild city.


Bailey is a UCLA graduate who lives with her four legged best friend, Toby, in Manhattan. 11 year old Toby loves long walks with Bailey along the Hudson River. Bailey is currently applying to law school, and is supported by Toby who snores while she works.


Jacquelyn is originally from Montana! She lives in the city with her husband and is the proud mom of a yellow lab named Leroy. She has a BA from Montana State in Community Health and Human Development and has always had a strong passion for animals. She is also a volunteer at Best Friends Lifesaving Animal Center.